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Student Affairs and Special Education Section

    • Accept various scholarship applications and reviews.
    • Manage the county and private school student status checking and approval, county elementary school and junior high school student admission, student numbers, dropouts, resuming interrupted studies, transfer, and grade evaluation undertakings.
    • Conduct student off-campus living guidance related work.
    • Conduct student affairs and guidance related work.
    • Conduct text book surveys and statistical requirements and subsidize books for students below the poverty line, books for the visually impaired, and school textbooks.
    • Compile periodic county elementary and junior high school public affairs and review statistical reports of public affairs under the education category.
    • School security reporting undertakings.
    • 12-year compulsory education and senior high school/vocational high school enrollment advocacy.
    • Conduct the Tropic of Cancer Solar Exploration Center undertakings.
    • Conduct undertakings related to education for the children of new residents, including intensive Chinese language make-up classes and academic recognition for international transfer students.
    • Conduct skills education.
    • Conduct counseling manpower utilization plans.
    • Special education.