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Educational Department

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Educational Department網站


Curriculum Management Section

    • Accept the applications of students for scholarships, the verification of scholarships, and others
    • Check and approve the management and others of county and private enrollment status
    • Instruct students on their off-campus life and other jobs
    • Conduct requirements for the survey and stats of textbooks, subsidies, and others
    • Compile and verify the statistical report tables of public affairs for education 
    • Investigate and handle the petition of significant legal violations and irresponsibility related to the educational system, prevent and handle sudden significant incidents.
    • Advocate and promote the faculty maintaining the secrets of public affairs
    • Conduct student affairs and counseling, and other jobs
    • Conduct the school safety reporting business 
    • The assignment, management, and lecturing of the business of Alternative Military Service in Education
    • Manage complaints about rewards and punishment of students and remedy business
    • Advocate for 12-year compulsory education and the enrollment of senior high schools and vocational high schools
    • The meeting materials, records, school affair reports, and other documents related to school meetings of every school will be saved for future reference
    • Conduct assistance for disadvantaged students, and other business