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Educational Department

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Educational Department網站


Civil Education Section

    • Manage the approval and transfer for the elaboration of the plan of increasing and decreasing classes in establishing schools, the application of school establishing plans from private schools, the change and closing down of schools, and other items
    • Supervision and management of tuition and miscellaneous fees
    • The division of the school districts and the control of the total amount
    • Approve the construction cost of schools, execute the construction, and other plans
    • Earthquake prevention, disaster relief, and the public safety education at schools
    • Enhance the conduct of the organization and function of PTA, and counsel and award the donation for the establishment of schools
    • The transforming development of schools and execution
    • Re-purposing of unused campuses
    • The coordination, scrapping, and other handles of the lands and buildings in schools
    • Conduct non-school style of experimental education